Great Marsh Resiliency Planning Project


We know that the coastal communities we live and work in experience damage from storms. Flooding, erosion, and sea level rise are inevitable along the coast, and can result in loss of homes and businesses, power outages, and road closures. These climate impacts jeopardize public health and safety, and can be debilitating.

We also know that climate patterns are changing: storms are more intense; rainfall is heavier. The science is clear: the sea level is rising and will continue to do so for generations, and stronger storms are bringing more frequent and destructive flooding to our neighborhoods. Communities recognize that coastal hazard impacts and associated emergency management, debris removal, infrastructure repair, and post-storm recovery costs are escalating.

In the Great Marsh, the coastal communities and the environments we depend on for quality of life and commerce are increasingly vulnerable to chronic impacts from climate events. Our current approaches to addressing storms may not be sufficient to protect our communities in the future. How can we better prepare for the future?

Coastal towns in the Great Marsh are engaged in a Resiliency Planning Project and the Great Marsh Coalition is an active partner in that effort. For more information, please visit our partnership website at:

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