Phragmites Removal

During the final week of September the Great Marsh Revitalization Task Force (GMRTF) implemented its 2012 invasive Phragmites australis management plan in the northern section of the Great Marsh. In this approximately 1000 acre section of the marsh, north of Pine Island, the open, high marsh stands of aggressive Phragmites were treated. Over 60 acres of this highly invasive plant, nearly all the stands in this section of the open marsh,  were undertaken. Spot treatments in previous years has resulted in significant return of native species.
Additional Phragmites related actions by the GMRTF in field season 2012 included a complete mapping of the entire Great Marsh for open marsh Phragmites stands; Annisquam River marshes in Gloucester to Blackwater Creek marsh in Salisbury. Also, through our University of New Hampshire partners, a salinity mapping pilot to help target most-vulnerable Phragmites stands for future control was initiated.